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Diploma in Broadcasting





學雜費總額: RM19,600




We are now in a new media landscape wherein video and audio contents are considerably leading the trends. We come to know the world and to communicate with it through the visual and audio platforms. To stand out from the rest in such a rapidly changing digital era, it would be inadequate to simply acquire basic techniques in audio-visual production; creativity in creating an eye-catching and heart-touching content is the key. Welcome to joining us if you wish to become a skilled visual and sound creator with an artistic vision and creativity!


Core Subjects: Basic Video Production, Video Editing, Script Writing, TV Production, Film Production, Documentary Production, Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast & Hosting Theories, Mandarin Phonetic & Intonation, Radio Production​​​​​​​


Total Course Fees: RM19,600

Duration: 2 years and 4 months