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Liang Kim Loong photo
Liang Kim Loong
Radio DJ / TV Host, Malaysian Public Broadcaster

Black Cat photo
Black Cat
Popcorn Entertainment Founder and Director

Chong King Lock photo
Chong King Lock
Feature Writer Sin Chew Daily

Jeseph Seow photo
Jeseph Seow
Director / Editor in Chief, One Publishing Sdn Bhd

Sonia Cheo photo
Sonia Cheo
Copywriter, One Six Studio

Yong Yu Xi photo
Yong Yu Xi
TV Host, Global Watch, ntv7

Woo Bee Ay photo
Woo Bee Ay
Marketing Manager of The Star Media Radio Group

Lim Meng Piew photo
Lim Meng Piew
Deputy Editor in Chief China Press

Anson Kow Tack Soon photo
Anson Kow Tack Soon
Announcer. 988 FM

Lim Heng Zheng photo
Lim Heng Zheng
Producer, Astro Chinese Content Development & Production

Chung Lee Peng photo
Chung Lee Peng
Educator in Mass Communication